America’s Appliance Repair provides professional appliance repair services in Round Rock, TX. We repair freezers, refrigerators, microwaves, dishwashers, and more.

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24/7 Appliance Repair Services

Modern appliances make our lives easier in so many ways, but we rarely appreciate them until they’re broken and we have to rely on takeout for dinner or the laundromat for getting our clothes clean. Only when we’re faced with a broken appliance do we realize that they’re not just a convenience, they’re essential to our daily lives. That’s why America’s Appliance Repair provides 24 hour appliance repair services in Round Rock.

Why Choose America’s Appliance Repair?

There are many reasons why America’s Appliance Repair is the premier provider of appliance repair services in Round Rock. In addition to our 24/7 service, all of our technicians are fully certified, licensed, and insured. We provide extensive training to each of our employees because we know that experienced, skilled professionals can get the job done right the first time.

We use the highest quality parts and equipment available, so you can feel confident that the repairs we provide will stand the test of time. We’ll also be upfront with you and let you know when we think you’re better off replacing your appliance altogether.

Types of Appliances We Repair

Our Round Rock appliance repair technicians service the following appliances:

Washing Machines – When your washer isn’t draining properly, leaking when it’s running, or not getting your clothes clean, it can be difficult to diagnose and repair on your own. Our technicians can fix wear and tear, technical, and electrical problems.

Dryers – There’s no need to dry your clothes outside while you wait for a repair service! Our skilled dryer repair technicians will have your machine running again in no time, whether it’s not working at all or simply inefficient.

Refrigerators – When your refrigerator stops working, it can be a disaster—and a big expense. Before throwing your food in the garbage, call our 24/7 appliance repair service in Round Rock and we’ll be out to fix your fridge right away.

Freezers – You can count on our freezer repair technicians to locate any problems with your freezer and get it running properly again.

Ranges – Whether it’s a gas range or electric, we have the experience to get the job done. Gas appliances present dangers to homeowners trying to do repairs themselves, so we recommend scheduling service right away for your family’s safety.

Ovens – If your souffles are falling flat and your breads just aren’t rising to the occasion, your oven has a temperature problem. We can fix ovens that cook unevenly, cook below or above the needed temperature, or that don’t cook at all.

Microwaves – Call America’s Appliance Repair for your broken microwave and one of our technicians will be out promptly to run a full diagnostic exam to identify the issue.

Ice Machines – Our team has experience repairing both commercial ice machines in restaurants and bars and the ice makers found in residential refrigerators and freezers.

Range Hoods – Range hoods keep your inside air clean and safe to breathe, which makes it important to fix them quickly when they stop working. You can count on our technicians to provide fast service.

Garbage Disposals – Garbage disposals break easily, but fixing them can be much more difficult. Our expert technicians have the know-how needed to resolve a wide range of garbage disposal issues.

Dishwashers – Are your dishes leaving the dishwasher no cleaner than when you put them in? It’s probably time to get your dishwasher serviced. We also fix leaky dishwashers, loud dishwashers, and other problems.

Brands We Service

America’s Appliance Repair of Round Rock has technicians that service the following appliance brands:

    • Admiral
    • Amana
    • Frigidaire
    • GE
    • Kenmore
    • KitchenAid
    • LG
    • Jenn-Air
    • Maytag
    • Samsung
    • Sears
    • Wards
    • Whirlpool

…and more!

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Emergency Appliance Repairs

Appliances are a modern convenience we have come to rely on. When one of these appliances, that are often taken for granted, stops working the way they should, it is easy to realize just how much we depend on them. Fortunately, you don’t have to panic because America’s Appliance Repair can keep your appliances running optimally!