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  • Top 3 Refrigerators Worth Every Dollar

    Your refrigerator is an integral part of your kitchen. Not only does it keep the food fresh for you to nourish your family, but it also holds all kinds of important things you don’t want to miss - your family’s schedule, your kid’s art work, your favorite memories in picture form, and so much more. To say that a refrigerator is just a refrigerator is very much an understatement.  [...]

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    Why is Water Leaking from The Bottom of My Water Heater?

    So you see some water pooling or, at the very least, some dampness beneath your hot water heater? Don’t worry! Chances are, it’s not going to be a significant problem. In most scenarios, you can correct a leak discovered under the hot water tank without too much hassle. First things first - Are you sure it’s leaking? If your hot water tank is in a humid space, which most are, like in [...]

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    Why is My Freezer Broken?

    There are very few things worse than having a freezer full of food - only to find out the freezer is broken. Whether it is a part of your refrigerator or a freestanding freezer, it is a major appliance in your home that you count on every single day.  Let’s talk about what can go wrong with your freezer - and what you can do to ensure you never have to ask, why is my freezer [...]

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    Top Reasons Why Your Dishwasher Isn’t Draining

    Your dishwasher may be one of the most frequently used appliances in your home. If it isn’t working properly, it can be very inconvenient. A few meals of washing dishes by hand and you’ll remember why you have a dishwasher in the first place.  One of the most common problems with dishwashers is lack of drainage. If you open your dishwasher after a complete cycle and there’s [...]

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    How to Repair Washing Machine Water Valve

    Clean clothes are important. And, with a working washing machine, keeping up on dirty laundry is a breeze. The keyword here is a working washing machine, of course. With so many different parts that come together to wash your clothes efficiently and effectively, one faulty part can disrupt the entire machine.  The Role of a Washing Machine Water Valve A washing machine water valve [...]

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    How Do I Fix a Garbage Disposal That Just Hums?

    Garbage disposals are a staple of home kitchens and make clean-up after meals much easier— when they’re working properly.  If your garbage disposal is making a humming noise, read on for steps you can take to get it working again.  What Does a Humming Garbage Disposal Indicate? If your garbage disposal is humming, it means that the blades are stuck or jammed. It [...]

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    How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Dishwasher in Austin?

    Dishwashers are some of the most frequently used household appliances. You probably run your dishwasher daily or multiple times a week depending on the size of your family. When your dishwasher quits working and you’re suddenly forced to wash every dish, glass, and utensil by hand, you realize just how much you rely on it. You need it to be working again as soon as possible. Dishwashers [...]

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    What is Considered a Small Appliance, and Who Can Fix Them?

    Do you have a small appliance that is not working properly? Before you scrap it, consider having it repaired by a household appliance repair service. You may be able to save yourself some money by fixing your existing appliance rather than buying a new one. What Are Small Appliances?  A small appliance is a kitchen or other household appliance that is small enough to sit on a [...]

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    How To Repair a Torn Refrigerator Door Seal

    Your refrigerator is one of the most important, most frequently used appliances in your kitchen. It keeps your food cool and fresh for your enjoyment. When there’s a problem with your fridge, it needs to be repaired right away to keep your food from spoiling and to save energy.  One of the most common problems with refrigerators is actually pretty easy to fix. The door seal, which is [...]

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    5 Common Freezer Repair Problems

    Are you having trouble with your freezer? Freezers, like all appliances, may have problems from time to time. Whether it’s the freezer portion of your refrigerator or a stand alone chest or upright freezer, there are a few typical problems that most often occur. Some are easy to repair, others are a bit more complicated.  If you’re wondering what’s wrong with your freezer, here are [...]

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