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  • Top 3 Refrigerators Worth Every Dollar

    Your refrigerator is an integral part of your kitchen. Not only does it keep the food fresh for you to nourish your family, but it also holds all kinds of important things you don’t want to miss - your family’s schedule, your kid’s art work, your favorite memories in picture form, and so much more. To say that a refrigerator is just a refrigerator is very much an understatement.  [...]

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    Why is Water Leaking from The Bottom of My Water Heater?

    So you see some water pooling or, at the very least, some dampness beneath your hot water heater? Don’t worry! Chances are, it’s not going to be a significant problem. In most scenarios, you can correct a leak discovered under the hot water tank without too much hassle. First things first - Are you sure it’s leaking? If your hot water tank is in a humid space, which most are, like in [...]

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    Why is My Freezer Broken?

    There are very few things worse than having a freezer full of food - only to find out the freezer is broken. Whether it is a part of your refrigerator or a freestanding freezer, it is a major appliance in your home that you count on every single day.  Let’s talk about what can go wrong with your freezer - and what you can do to ensure you never have to ask, why is my freezer [...]

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