Since every dryer sold in the United States has a thermal fuse, it’s a safe bet that unless you somehow purchased your dryer from another country and brought it here illegally, your dryer has a fuse. In older models, if the dryer has stopped working, there is a good chance that the fuse will be blown. An error code should be displayed on your screen in newer models. The nice thing about these more recent models is you no longer need to guess what’s wrong. Check your model’s manual for the area code displayed on the screen, which will tell you exactly where the issue is with your dryer. A blown fuse is no different.

Testing the Fuse

Unplug your dryer and let it cool down if it’s even remotely warm. Check your manual to find the location of the fuse as it is different make to make, model to model. Remember that thermal fuses don’t look like electrical fuses before you start looking for something that isn’t there. To test the fuse, you need a multimeter or a continuity tester. If you don’t have one and don’t know somebody that does, you can contact a local appliance store, and they’ll test it for you – most times for free.

Can I Replace the Fuse?

So your fuse is blown? You can replace it. It’s a reasonably straightforward process, especially if you have one of the big name dryers on the market today like Samsung, LG, Maytag, Whirlpool, GE, etc. There is likely an instructional video by the company that goes over the steps necessary to replace your fuse. If you can’t find an official video, several handypersons have youtube channels that will be just as useful for you.

My Dryer Keeps Blowing Fuses

Okay, now you’re into a much larger issue. Dryer fuses are there for safety reasons, and a blown fuse isn’t a big deal. Usually, a clogged vent or some power surge causes your thermal fuse to “blow” and prevent the machine from running unsafely. Suppose you’ve done all the reasonable checks and maintenance like cleaning your lint trays, emptying the exhaust pipe and vent of debris buildup, and verifying the power source is acceptable. In that case, there is something more seriously wrong with the machine, and you’ll need an expert.

The professionals from America’s Appliance Repair are no strangers to washers and dryers. With plenty of experience and some electrical expertise, our fully licensed and insured professionals can help you diagnose the problem and hopefully get it repaired right there on the spot. In some scenarios, replacement parts are required and trying to source the faulty parts can be a stressful and confusing experience if you’re unfamiliar with the parts, part numbers, and vendors that sell them. If your dryer is blowing fuses, there is something wrong, and we encourage you to call us at 800-639-9340 before more damage is done or the machine starts a fire. You can use our online form, and we’ll schedule a visit!