Is your refrigerator acting up? Whether it’s not staying cold, it’s so cold it’s freezing everything, or it has completely quit, you’re in need of refrigerator repair. Oh no, how much is this going to cost?

Before you panic, know this: not every appliance repair company is out to overcharge you. An honest, reputable company will charge reasonable, comparable prices in order to continue to stay in business and build a solid customer base.

Now, back to the original question: How much does refrigerator repair cost in the Austin area?

Average Cost of Refrigerator Repair

Of course there is no way to know for sure exactly how much Austin refrigerator repair will cost until a technician diagnoses the problem, but the average cost of refrigerator repair is $250. You could pay as little as $40 and as much as $1,000 depending on what part or parts need to be repaired.

Some companies have a flat fee just to come out to your home and diagnose a problem with your appliance. Then after they recommend a repair and give you a cost estimate, your initial fee will go toward the entire repair cost if you hire them to do the repair.

Common Types of Repairs for Refrigerators

Here are some of the typical things that go wrong with refrigerators that will most likely require professional repair:

  • Leaks. Is there water on the floor in front of your refrigerator? First, make sure that your water dispenser is not stuck in the “on” position and that there are no ice cubes stuck in the ice dispenser that are melting onto the floor. If the water is not coming from the dispenser and you’re sure it didn’t come from any other source, your fridge is probably leaking. Check to see if your filter needs to be replaced. If you replace the filter and the leak persists, you need to call a professional appliance repair service.
  • Food freezing. Is your food freezing even in the refrigerator? That is the freezer’s job; it should not be happening in the fridge. Start by turning up the temperature in your refrigerator. Also check your filter. If food continues to freeze, you may have a problem that needs professional repair.
  • Inconsistent temperature. Does it seem that your fridge doesn’t always stay consistently cold? Are there areas of the fridge that are colder than others? Inconsistent temperature could be a sign that your fridge isn’t working properly. Check your temperature settings first. If all seems well, call a professional appliance repair service.
  • Ice/Water dispenser broken. This is a more obvious problem. If the dispenser isn’t working, whether you can see the problem or not, you’ll need to have it repaired if you want to have water and ice dispensed from the door. If there’s an issue with just the ice or just the water separately, you may have an ice block or a clogged water tube. If you are unable to find or correct the problem, call for repair.
  • Door seal damaged. Over time the rubber seal around the door of your fridge can wear out, crack, or come off. When this happens there will be too much air leakage and the refrigerator cannot stay cold inside. This may be the cause of inconsistent temperatures inside your fridge. You may be able to replace this seal yourself, but for best results, call a professional.
  • Fridge runs constantly. Does the fridge seem to cycle on and off repeatedly? If it never seems to quit running, you most likely have a problem with the mechanical or electrical components of the refrigerator itself that will require professional appliance repair.

All of these problems and any others may all come with a different cost for repair due to parts and labor. This is why it is difficult to answer the question of how much does refrigerator repair cost without knowing exactly what the problem is.

Get Affordable Service From Americas Appliance Repair

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