A refrigerator that is leaking water can cause damage to both your food and home. There are several ways you can check to see if your refrigerator has any issues, as well as some small fixes you can do on your own before seeking out professional repairs. 

Make Sure Your Fridge is Level

Using a level is one of the simplest ways to check if your refrigerator is leaking water. Opening the refrigerator, place the level at the very bottom of the appliance. You may need to remove some of the lower drawers to place the level depending on your refrigerator model. Your refrigerator should be horizontally even in this area. You will also want to test along the vertical axis placing the level from the back to the front. Refrigerators are slightly tilted towards the back, so you will want to see your level tilt slightly in that direction up to one-half an inch. If you need to adjust the height of your refrigerator, use a wrench to screw the legs at the base. You may need to remove the grille or move the refrigerator entirely to access the legs. Adjust the legs evenly, using your level when needed.

Replace the Drain Pan

At the very bottom of your refrigerator is a grille that holds the drain pan. Remove the grille either by popping it off or removing the screws holding it in place with a screwdriver. You can then slide out the drain pan carefully as it may have water in it. If the pan is full or overflowing with water this is a clear sign that your refrigerator has an issue. Inspect the drain pan for any holes or damage as well. If you need to replace the pan, consult the user manual for your refrigerator so you can find an exact match.

Clean the Defrost Drain

In many freezers, there is a defrost drain located by the back wall. While many drains come with protectors, food or debris can block airflow, limiting your refrigerator’s ability to cool. You will want your defrost drain to have clear paths to both the ceiling and front of your freezer, so clear out anything that may be in the way. You can also temporarily clear out your freezer and remove the protector to the drain, allowing it to reset its airflow. If these methods are not successful, you can insert hot water down the drain several times to flush it out. Finally, you can check the check valve and drain lines on the very back of your refrigerator to see if they have damage or need replacement. Consult your user manual to locate these lines efficiently, and use a small tool like a pipe cleaner if you wish to clean the lines yourself.

Fix the Water Supply Line

The final part of your refrigerator you can check for water leaks is the main water supply line, located in the back of the refrigerator by the valve and drain lines. Examine the line for and holes or damage, which may have water coming out from them. You can also see if the connection points of the line are loose, and tighten them with a wench. If you need to replace the water line, consider professional help to remove it as the process is difficult and can cause serious damage to your refrigerator.

Get Your Refrigerator Repaired Today

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