How Much Does Washing Machine Repair Cost in Texas?

Having problems with your washing machine? One of the most essential appliances in your home, the washing machine can malfunction in a variety of ways. Whether yours is leaking, not draining, failing to spin, or making unusual noises, these and other problems can often be repaired.

How much does washing machine repair cost? It depends on a variety of factors.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Washing Machine Repair

It is pretty hard to get an accurate estimate of the cost of washing machine repair without having the problem diagnosed in person by a repair technician. There are many factors that can play a part in the cost of repairs, such as:

  • Type of washing machine. There are many different types of washing machines: top load, front load, agitator, no agitator, high efficiency, electric, gas, and more. The type of machine you have will affect the price of getting it repaired.
  • Brand of washing machine. There are also many different brands of washing machines from Maytag to Whirlpool to GE and more. Some manufacturers may cost more to repair than others.
  • Type of repair. The cost of repair can also depend on what’s wrong with your machine. Some repairs are easy and others are more complicated. Your machine may have multiple problems that need to be addressed, which drives up the cost.
  • Parts needed. Some repairs require replacement parts. Parts for some washers are readily available and others are harder to get and cost more. The part or parts needed to fix your washing machine will affect the total cost of the repair.
  • Length of repair time. Another factor in the cost of washing machine repair is labor. Labor time is sometimes billed by the hour and sometimes charged as a lump sum. An appliance repair service will typically give you an estimate that includes the amount of time the repair is expected to take so that you’ll know what the cost will be up front.
  • Location. Repair services set their pricing in order to be competitive in the area. They also take into consideration the cost of living in the area and their own level of experience. A repair service that has been in business for a long time and has established a good reputation may cost more, but they have earned that reputation for a reason. It may be worth the money for a quality repair job.

Average Cost Nationally

According to most sources, the average cost of washing machine repair is $150 with a range of $50-$250. Where the cost of your repair will fall within that range depends on the factors listed above.

Should I Pay to Have My Machine Repaired or Just Buy a New One?

Some repairs may cost above the top end of that range and you may wonder whether your machine is worth repairing or if you should just replace it. That depends on your individual situation. If the repair will cost more than your machine is worth, you may consider a new one. If your machine is more than 10-15 years old, you may consider replacing it with a more efficient new machine that will use less water and energy. If you can get a comparable new machine for less than the estimated cost of the repair, you may save money now and in the future by buying a new one.

Get an Estimate From America’s Appliance Repair 

If you’re looking for appliance repair in Georgetown, TX, America’s Appliance Repair is a reliable service. When you contact us and explain the problem you are having with your washer, we can attempt to give you a general estimate of the repair cost. However, we won’t know for sure what the problem is or how much it will cost to repair until we come out and look at your machine. What we can guarantee is that we will do our best to get your washing machine running properly again.

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