Your refrigerator’s compressor is one of the most important parts of the appliance. And you want it to be working efficiently. If not? Well, let’s just say it may not be long before your food begins struggling to keep cool. 

How do you know if your refrigerator compressor is bad? Look for these signs.

Noisy Refrigerator

You may think your refrigerator is just noisy, but most new compressors are very quiet, leaving you with a soft hum. That means if you are hearing the noises, the compressor may already be bad. This includes loud buzzing or a knocking sound as it turns on and off. 

Not Cooling

The entire fridge may not be cool – or only parts of it. Either way, the lack of cold air is likely a result of the compressor. Sometimes you can physically feel the difference in the air, other times you notice that your foods are spoiling much faster than normal. 

Your refrigerator’s compressor pushes refrigerant throughout the unit’s evaporator coils in order to keep it cool. So, if it isn’t working as it should, the coolant isn’t making its way through the coils – and you are feeling warmer conditions inside the fridge. 

Constantly Running

If you are questioning whether or not your refrigerator is in good shape, take a moment to pay attention to it. How long does it run? Does it ever stop? Does it start right back up again? Ideally, your refrigerator’s compressor should run for a few minutes and then stop for a while. If it is running any other way, it could be going bad. 

Higher Electric Bill

Speaking of a refrigerator that is constantly running – has your electric bill increased recently? If you have been trying to figure out what is using so much electricity, it could be your refrigerator. An ailing compressor is going to have to fight hard to keep the refrigerator cool and, unfortunately, that means using more energy than normal. 

Do You Smell Something Burning? 

If you begin to notice a burning smell around your refrigerator, you may have a bad compressor. This could also be the result of an electrical problem. This should signal that your appliance is in need of attention and it warrants help from an appliance repair technician. 

Circuit Breaker Issues

Does your refrigerator trip the circuit breaker every time the compressor kicks on? If this is happening in your house, check the breaker box. If a switch has been tripped, flip it back on and check your refrigerator. If it doesn’t come back on or does so and then trips the breaker again, your compressor may be ailing. 

Note that this could also be an electrical issue and is best left to a professional to determine. 

Let America’s Appliance Repair Handle Your Compressor

If your refrigerator is exhibiting any of the above signs, then it may be time to have your compressor checked. At America’s Appliance Repair, we have highly trained technicians that will be able to diagnose your issue and determine whether or not your compressor is bad. 

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