How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Bearings in a Washing Machine?

A common problem with washing machines is worn out bearings. The bearings in your washing machine support the drum, or the part that holds the clothes. The drum rotates throughout each wash cycle, and the bearings eventually wear out. Bearings tend to last an average of 10 years before needing to be replaced.

How will I know if the bearings need to be replaced?

Is your washing machine making more noise than usual, especially during the spin cycle? Does the drum move too much within the machine? These are signs that your bearings are starting to wear out. If your machine is at least 10 years old and nothing is stuck in it that could be causing the excessive noise (an underwire from a bra for example), you are most likely in need of a bearing replacement.

What can I expect to pay for this repair?

How much does it cost to replace the bearings in a washing machine? It varies. Texas washing machine repair companies all have different prices for their services. The repair can range anywhere from $100 to $600. Where the price falls within that range will depend on a few different factors.

  • Type of washing machine. Different brands and types of washing machines are different when it comes to replacing the bearings. Some are easier to repair than others. Some brands are easier to find parts for. The kind of washer you have will make a difference in the cost of repair.
  • The repair company’s prices. Different appliance repair companies will have different rates. Businesses in the same industry in an area will have to offer competitive prices in order to get enough business, but rates will still vary from one company to another. Be wary of the lowest price. The company offering the lowest price may be lacking experience.
  • How long the repair will take. Appliance repair rates are usually a combination of parts and labor. Labor is often where the majority of the cost comes in. Many repair companies charge for labor by the hour. The longer the repair will take, the higher the cost.
  • Where you live. Your geographic location plays a part in the pricing. The cost of living in your area will factor into appliance repair rates.

What happens if I don’t replace worn out bearings?

Your washing machine may continue to run with worn out bearings, so it can be tempting to just let it go for now. However, by avoiding the repair your machine could accrue further damage. The basket, the shaft, the outer drum, and some electrical components could all be affected by continuing to use your washer with worn out bearings. You may not want to pay for the repair now, but the future repair could cost even more, if a repair is even possible by that point. You may end up needing to replace your machine.

Should I have the bearings replaced or just buy a new washing machine?

Compare the cost of the repair with the cost of a new washing machine and you may decide that it would be in your best interest to simply scrap the old one and buy a new washer. It can be hard to determine without a definite price estimate for the repair, but if your machine is pretty old (15 years or more) the repair may not be worth it. But if your machine is 10 years old or less, it probably has a lot of life left in it once it gets some new bearings.

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