Almost every home kitchen has a microwave. It’s quick, convenient, and affordable. It allows you to cook nearly any type of food in just minutes. Once you get used to having a microwave, it can be really difficult if it quits working. Now you’re back to warming your food on the stovetop or in the oven, and you quickly realize why microwaves are such a revolutionary invention. 

If your microwave is broken, you may wonder whether it’s worth repairing or if you should just get a new one. Here’s what to consider when making your decision. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Repairing or Replacing Your Microwave

Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine whether or not it is worth repairing your microwave: 

  • How much did it cost? Consider the original cost of the microwave. If the microwave originally cost more than $100, it may be worth repairing. If it is less than $100, it may be in your best interest to replace it. 
  • How much does appliance repair cost? Next, do some research to determine how much microwave repair costs. Most appliance repair services will charge at least $50-$60 just to come to your home to assess your microwave. If your microwave was less than that to begin with, repair may not be worth it. 
  • Is it mounted or on the counter? A microwave that is mounted above the stove or in another built-in location can be more difficult to replace. It may be worth it to repair the microwave to avoid the expense and hassle of installing a new microwave. 
  • How old is your microwave? The age of your microwave may also be a factor in your decision. The older it is the more likely it is to be worn out, which may have caused the problem in the first place. You may repair one part and another part may break down next. It may also be difficult to get parts for an older microwave. 
  • Was I satisfied with the microwave before? Was the microwave performing well before it broke down? Did it have all of the features you want in a microwave? If you were already dissatisfied with the microwave, you may want to replace it with a model that will meet your needs more effectively. 
  • Is it energy efficient? Newer microwaves are more energy efficient than old ones. Some models are also designed and built to be more energy efficient than others. If your broken microwave was not an energy efficient model, it may be in your best interest to replace it. You may even save a little on your energy bill. 
  • Does it match my other kitchen appliances? If your existing microwave doesn’t match your other kitchen appliances, you may want to get a new one. Matching appliances can make a kitchen look more aesthetically pleasing and will also improve resale value. It is especially important for a microwave that is mounted over the stove to match the range beneath it. 
  • Do you believe the phrase, “They don’t make ‘em like they used to”? You may have heard this phrase used over and over, especially by folks of a certain generation. If you have a good quality microwave, even if it’s old, you may want to have it repaired in order to restore a classic appliance. Newer appliances don’t seem to hold up the way older appliances do. So go ahead and have your microwave repaired if you have faith in the manufacturing. 

America’s Appliance Repair Provides Microwave Repair Services 

If your microwave isn’t working properly, America’s Appliance Repair can help. We provide a full range of appliance repair services, including microwaves. Our technicians are qualified to repair any make and model of household appliance. We provide quality parts and excellent service. 

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